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Hey everyone!

Its been a long year of long hair and I wanted to embrace the concept of new year new me. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I went from hair till the edge of my hips to a LOB- long bob- and I've never felt better although from time to time I longed for my long hair . Here is where our recent project comes in. We were asked to review hair extensions and I was overjoyed by the idea. The brand, Irresistible Me, sent us their human hair extensions to try out.

Before diving into the review, theres a few things you should be aware of. The thickness of the hair extensions decreases as the length increases so pick wisely between volume and length. To pick a color watch this video for details. The Pin below helped me pick out my length too.

Review: I picked the Silky Touch in Medium Brown 18' and 140g. The extensions were a good length and came with about 10 clips. The color was perfect for my hair since I dyed it dark ash blonde a few months ago. Apart from its smooth and silky texture, the extensions are easily styled and blend in seamlessly. They also have a natural look and feel to it. Personally, I prefer styling the extensions before clipping them in for convenience. In the process they didn't break or fall off on application of heat. They can also be dyed according to your hair color or gradation as well. However, This was the first time I used extensions and struggled with clipping them in. But apart from that hiccup, I loved the product. Have a look at the extensions below.

** The weight I chose could have been about 200g since I have thicker hair.



- Photography by Shivani Harjani
SHOES: New Look 
SUNGLASSES: Michael Kors

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