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After collaborating with a few Clothing/Accessory brands, we decided to branch out towards our beauty category. The both of us have always been obsessed with our nails from matte black to pastel pink. This Winter we got the opportunity to try out the Nails inc. products for the special holiday season. As the name implies, The Holiday pack consists of bold, shimmery and simple shades. Our favorite is the nude/beige shade which effortlessly gels with any outfit or accessories.

The product is highly pigmented. It works well with a single coat and in small quantities. It dries on fast and is extremely durable. Although it is durable and highly pigmented it is easy to get off with cutex or acetone solution. The layers however are thin, the more coats you apply the deeper the shade gets but the thickness remains somewhat the same. The shades provided can be used for nail art or on their own. Each shade is unique and stands out in its own way. 

Take a look at their products: Nails Inc.

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