HayabyHumera x DT

Hey lovelies , I know we've been missing in action but we're back! 
We FINALLY got some time out to focus on our blog which is obvious our favorite thing to do. 
First things first let me introduce you to HAYA By Humera. Humera designs kimonos and capes as well as custom styles which are elegant and classy on request. 

She has a big collection varying from long to short and frills to capes. This season is all about the long jackets and kimonos, So we collaborated with Humera Mir to find the best way to pair them up.

We start off with a patterned kimono. Since the patterns fill up most of your outfit you really don't have room to experiment much with the look so we felt the best would be all black or all white. The black/white really highlights the kimono. Here ,Divita is wearing the purple and beige wide armed full length kimono with a black top and bottom paired with nude heels. To make the look edgy you could always switch up the bottoms and go for shorts. Take a look below!

Outfit details 
Top: zara
Bottom: zara
Shoes: steve madden
Kimono: haya by humera 

To order these kimonos contact :



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