Top 5 Must haves with Taylor Swift!

Street Style Pro – Taylor Swift
If there’s one thing we love to keep an eye out for, then it’s got to be celebrities’ street style! It’s one of the quickest ways to watch out for seasonal pieces worn by some of the most stylish people in the world.
So today’s fashion focus is the one and only, Taylor Swift!
Her street style is something that the editors at Vogue keep a hawk-eye out for, each week applauding the seven time Grammy award winner for her insanely high understanding of fashion and colours.
Below are some of our handpicked favs sported by T-Swizzle.
1. Dress Young, Feel Young:
Dress Young Feel Young
TY: Dress young, Feel young

Remember how we’ve always told you to not shy away from prints and colours this season? Well, Taylor basically testifies to that spring-summer rule! And what’s unique yet so simple about this look is how adding a contrast-coloured hair accessory can make this 25 year old look so much younger.
2. Mix, Match and Mesmerise:

Mix Match Mesmerise.
TY: Mix Match Mesmerise.

Tay-tay is a master of colours in our very humble opinion. You see, it takes a special knack to make sure that the third (other) colour, that isn’t in your dress, should stand out but not look weird with the other colours, while comprehending it in your accessories. In this look, she plays around with primary colours to mark the day as summer. A chic purse and matching heels go a long way, especially when they’re of an entirely different colour, and enhance your whole outfit!
3. Pastels Pay Well:

Pastels pay well.
TY: Pastels Pay Less.

While summer is all about splashy, stark colours, it is also “all about that white!” ;) So, in this picture, our lovely Miss Swift is spotted wearing one of her most elegant outfits, looking as sophisticated as ever. A short-pleated, soft, cool blue colour to match with a silky, white shirt, tucked in, and some dark pastel pumps. And you’re set to take over the world, one royal hand-wave at a time!
4. Monochrome + Bright Colours = Perfect OOTD:
Perfect OOTD
TY: Perfect OOTD

When you’re not sure whether to go all colours or only black and/or white, you just mix the two together! Look what a monochrome crop-top and a matching high-waisted skirt can become when you add bright pink pump-heels and a yellow shoulder bag! Fashionista Swift strikes again!
5. Night for the Day:
Night for the day
TY: Night for the day.

If you’re like us, and you want to pull out that sexy, black outfit as an #ootd, there’s a way you can. And it’s really not that hard. Regardless of what the outfit is, just remember to team it with a pair of really light but coloured heels, and an abstract shoulder or hand purse that clashes with neither the outfit nor the footwear! Seriously, it’s that simple. Best part? It is as much an #ootn as it is for the day! xx
- By Mansi Kookani


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